Doing it for the ‘gram

Discs and Reels is now on another site – Instagram!

On our page you’ll find tracks to listen to, quotes to motivate you and updates on all the blog’s posts and a few added extras.

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5 Places To Visit Before I’m 30

I bought an Elle magazine the other day, and in it the editor mentioned what a friend of hers would do every New Years.

Apparently, she would write a list of things that she wanted to achieve in the year, and post it to her address. She explained that by mailing it to herself, she felt that she was putting her dreams ‘out there’ into the world, and that doing this would help her dreams become a reality.

I’m going to try a similar tactic by writing my list of places that I want to travel to and post it here for you guys. Hopefully by doing so I’ll actually get off my lazy bum and work on crossing them off my list – because these places are amazing.

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Let’s introduce ourselves…

Hey readers and happy 2016!

I was about to get back into the flow of writing my usual film/music reviews but I found myself hesitating, and THEN came my light bulb moment…

Before I got back into the flow of my regular posts I thought it might be fun to start the new year by telling you a few little facts about myself so that we can start the year off on the right foot!

(It would also be great if in the comments you could give me a little introduction to your lovely self and your blog)

To make it a little more interesting I’m going to write 5 little facts that you might not know about me and open the post up at the end with any questions you might want to ask 🙂 So, here we go…

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3 Things We Could All Learn From Potential President Kanye West

So a few days ago the world ended when Kanye West ended his VMA speech with the news that he would be running for US president in 2020 (no one saw it coming… but I did say his speech would be one to watch)

Kanye has come under fire before his campaign has even started, with many scrutinizing over the thought that he might end up in the White House.

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Keep Going… You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Way back in December I wrote to you all about New Years Resolutions and why you should use as much of those 365 days, not just New Years, to reflect on the choices you make and the events that happen to you. I wrote about the importance of focusing on bettering yourself as much as you can throughout the year as you adapt to whatever life throws at you during that time. (You can find that little gem here)

Well, 2015 has been a pretty tough year for me already… Some friendships ran into trouble, have changed or gone altogether, a lot of relatives fell ill and others we lost, some successes were knocked back temporarily, and it was challenging to say the least to stay focused and positive while juggling all these things and feelings at the same time!

I thought that I would share some thoughts and tips that I used to get through the other side. So if times get tough, if you ever feel drained, lose your sense of self or feel down in the dumps (we’ve all been there trust me), have a little read through this little list. Let the ones that grab you help you put things into action, or simply read them for some comfort.

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