Keep Going… You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Way back in December I wrote to you all about New Years Resolutions and why you should use as much of those 365 days, not just New Years, to reflect on the choices you make and the events that happen to you. I wrote about the importance of focusing on bettering yourself as much as you can throughout the year as you adapt to whatever life throws at you during that time. (You can find that little gem here)

Well, 2015 has been a pretty tough year for me already… Some friendships ran into trouble, have changed or gone altogether, a lot of relatives fell ill and others we lost, some successes were knocked back temporarily, and it was challenging to say the least to stay focused and positive while juggling all these things and feelings at the same time!

I thought that I would share some thoughts and tips that I used to get through the other side. So if times get tough, if you ever feel drained, lose your sense of self or feel down in the dumps (we’ve all been there trust me), have a little read through this little list. Let the ones that grab you help you put things into action, or simply read them for some comfort.

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