Checking Out Of Hotel Cortez: AHS Review

I don’t watch horror, I hate the sight of blood, gore and needles, and yet… I loved AHS: Hotel.

It was the fifth season finale of American Horror Story, and yet this season was my first time watching the Ryan Murphy creation – a show that has fans all over switching from covering their eyes in horror, to crying emotionally over a character’s moving tragedy.

And just why would someone like me, a person that steers clear of horror/thriller movies and avoids watching hospital dramas at the thought of seeing a bloodbath, want to watch a show that every week has at least one murder – a murder that results in blood gushing out of someone’s neck, their guts hanging out or their bodies or a victim drained of blood by bloodthirsty creatures?

Two words – Lady Gaga (or… The Countess).

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Jimmy Kimmel reunites the Friends cast on his show!

It’ll be 20 years this September since our beloved show Friends first aired on television!

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Aniston – who played Rachel Green in the famous series – joined host Jimmy to act out a scene of “fan fiction” that he had written especially for Jennifer, with a few hidden surprises for the audience.

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