5 Leo Films To Watch (like you haven’t already…)

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar on Sunday to praise and celebrations around the world (and a big sigh of relief – I don’t think I could watch Leo lose out for another year!!).

DiCaprio’s talents throughout his career have always been recognised by fans and critics, so for him to finally get a shiny gold Oscar in his hands to take home felt like it meant more than any other award this year. Especially when you consider the amount of memes and longstanding jokes on the Internet about Leo’s lack of an Oscar over the years.

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Film Stars and their Perfect Onscreen Siblings:

Imagine you’re a casting agent for a new film that needs two major Hollywood stars to play siblings, and you have the fabulous opportunity of casting whoever you want (regardless of age gaps)! Who would you choose to act side by side?
Below are some examples of film stars who I think would make great brothers and sisters in a movie:

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