Collabs I wish I could relive

You can’t beat a great collab.

The excitement as we’re teased with posters, Instagram posts and cryptic tweets. Not knowing if one will pop up on the other’s stage to perform their duet. Hitting us with unexpected matches that create masterpieces we wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Lets talk about some of the most iconic collaborations that we wish we could relive and watch all over again. If I’ve missed some out – let me know!!

Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky

She was the singer that emerged in 2011 with hit ‘Video Games’, like someone from the Hollywood movies in the 50s, singing about tragedy and romance. He was the rapper in the A$AP mob who in the same year released their mixtape Live. Love. A$AP. with Purple Swag which put them on the rap radar.

Both from different genres and circles, yet put them together in a music video and it just seems to make sense.

Lana is a big fan of hip hop, with some of her music influenced by its rhythm and sound. Rocky himself is quite creative, so I imagine he was a fan of the idea of being in one of her music videos which had become cinematic with other hits like Blue Jeans.

I remember seeing the video and spotting A$AP Rocky and not only liked the song, but its plot and his part in it. You can relive it here:

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

Two pop icons joined forces in 2009 and again in 2010.

Video Phone was the first of the two, from Beyoncé’s I Am… Sasha Fierce. While it was great to see the two working together, it didn’t exactly have the same effect when Lady Gaga’s iconic and unforgettable Telephone video appeared a few months later in 2010.

With a wild plot involving Gaga in prison with Beyoncé there to pick her up, a murder in a diner and some choreo while poisoning the sandwiches, we still have yet to see to perform this live together:

Kanye West and Kid Cudi

The two have known each other for a long time, which is evident in their music that they make together and when we see them together. Both Kanye and Cudi are very open with each other in their songs about their struggles and have made positive music to help others that may be struggling too.

One particular favourite moment of mine was when Kanye held a listening party in Madison Square Garden for The Life Of Pablo. The whole era of the album was interesting to follow with name changes (Swish will always be my favourite, sorry) and pictures of changing tracklists (I’ll always be grateful to Chance the Rapper for keeping Waves in the running).

There was something about when it was all finished, and Kanye was sharing it with the audience inside and the people watching on the livestream – you could tell he was happy with his creation, especially pairing it with a fashion show of his line with Adidas.

And the moment you could tell, really tell? Was when they played Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.

I listen to the song now and I can STILL feel the excitement and happiness that was in that room – and I wasn’t even there. You can see it, and Kid Cudi’s reaction with Kanye to their song back in 2016 here:

More recently, Kanye produced his and Cudi’s Kids See Ghosts project and album of the same name. Together they used their music to speak on mental health struggles and the hope that comes with battling and accepting these issues. Freeee (Ghost Town Pt.2) opens with Ye determinedly saying “I don’t feel pain anymore. Guess what baby? I feel freeee”.

You can see them perform this at Camp Flog Gnaw’s festival:


Who would you want to see collab? Or who’s been your favourite? Let me know in the comments…


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