Spotlight: Kaito

Take a quick look through @Kaito’s Instagram feed and you’ll find an array of celebrities that are legendary through their own fields of work. From Diddy to Jay Z, Drake to Diddy, Quavo to Diddy, DJ Khalid to Diddy, A$AP Rocky to Diddy… Diddy makes an appearance a lot because @Kaito is his in-house camera man. And the name behind @Kaito and the one capturing the images? Photographer and now one of Diddy’s creative directors Carlos Araujo.

Social media has easily and quickly become an integral part to any company’s marketing. With an Instagram picture, you can not only sell a product but a lifestyle. With Kaito’s pictures I wouldn’t say that this is an obvious motive behind each one shared, yet that’s what makes them so enjoyable to see. Let me tell you why…

Each image posted not only has a big name that speaks for itself, but it also has a genuine yet somehow lavish feel. To most, the lifestyle shown in these pictures isn’t relatable (although they’re produced and taken in a much classier way than an in-your-face, braggy way) but what we see captures a glimpse of their lives as well as reflecting their story, their progression and success. A lot of these images have big names smiling, celebrating with their peers, performing on stage and showing an excellence that we can all aspire to. It’s great content to see.

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Oscars After Party 2019 • @diddy

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A scroll through his page and you can see that the pictures aren’t about the materialistic – it’s about the successes of the person in the frame and you can almost sense through the snapshot somehow the hard work and iconic moment behind the image.

Taken in to Diddy’s world and crew at a young age, Kaito started his photography at  16 years old after saving to buy his own camera and went around the city of New Bedford taking pictures of his friends.

Determined to make a career with his camera in hand, he travelled to see King Los after hitting him with a DM asking if he could take pictures of his one of his Boston shows. Los was so impressed, he asked Kaito to join him in LA to photograph his tour. After one year of shooting, meeting other contacts in the business such as The Game, Kaito met his new boss – P.Diddy. Impressed with his pictures of him walking along the beach with his daughter, Diddy invited Kaito to join his in-house marketing team Blue Flame.


A videographer and full time photographer, Kaito’s own success story along with his passion for his art and now career makes him a worthy focus on our latest Spotlight segment.

Want to hear and see more on Kaito’s story? You can hear from the man himself in Black With No Cream’s podcast, his own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  pages.


Who do you want to see in my next Spotlight post? Feel free to comment below on any suggestions for people and stories that you’d like to read about.

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