5 Leo Films To Watch (like you haven’t already…)

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar on Sunday to praise and celebrations around the world (and a big sigh of relief – I don’t think I could watch Leo lose out for another year!!).

DiCaprio’s talents throughout his career have always been recognised by fans and critics, so for him to finally get a shiny gold Oscar in his hands to take home felt like it meant more than any other award this year. Especially when you consider the amount of memes and longstanding jokes on the Internet about Leo’s lack of an Oscar over the years.

I really hope Leo partied hard after his win because he definitely deserves it after all his hard work, dedication and talent in the world of cinema from an extremely young age.

So which 5 DiCaprio films are my favourites? In no particular order…

  1. Inception
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. Shutter Island
  4. Titanic
  5. The Great Gatsby

It’s so hard to pick 5 favourites, especially when you think of his performances across all of his films. DiCaprio’s characters tend to go through emotional stress, which pushes their mind to the limit.

From being the passenger of the sinking Titanic, finding forbidden love in Romeo and Juliet, or losing mental stability on Shutter Island – DiCaprio’s characters all require a high quality of acting that Leo delivers every single time.

Let’s not forget during his role in the movie Django Unchained Leo became so emotional during his scene that he smashed a glass, severely cut his hand doing so but CONTINUED ACTING.

Another to add to the list would also have to be The Revenant, which got Leo his Oscar win. He braved ice cold water and freezing temperatures during filming, so an Oscar was definitely a great reward for what he’s put his body through!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s win not only made his fans very happy, but I hope it also made DiCaprio feel that his talent is recognised. It’s nice to be nominated, but there’s something about winning that makes the honour even greater.

Congrats Leo!

What are your favourite Leonardo DiCaprio movies? Did you celebrate his win?

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