Get your playlist sorted this Galentine’s…

Spending the day with your girls this Galentine’s? Hitting the dancefloor later and need some tunes for pre-drinks? Or maybe you want to celebrate your single and confident self with a playlist like no other? Discs and Reels has got your back!

So Sunday is Valentines Day – the day that couples book tables at restaurants and eat nice meals, sniff their fresh flowers and gush over the presents that their bae got them.

But if like me you won’t be celebrating with a bae but going about the day as though it was any other – I’ve got a little something for you.

Today, the day before V-Day, is Galentine’s Day. It’s a day for single ladies to embrace their friendships, the girls that have got their back, they’re the ladies who listen to our love woes and who you can laugh with about some guy who was totally wrong for you but back then you were sure he was #1…

So if you’re spending the day/night with your loved Gals, below you’ll find songs to get you ready for a day cherishing yourself and your girl friends or for a night when you can show everyone just why your girl squad is better than any boy. No time to wallow with ice cream and rom coms when there’s songs like these waiting for you!

Click play…

Oh and have you heard? You can find Discs and Reels on Instagram now @discsandreels 🙂

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