Dying to see Deadpool…?

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see a movie since Toy Story 2 came out when I was 7 years old.

The latest superhero movie to be released this year is Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the knife-wielding, kickass superhero dressed in his red bodysuit. And it’s in cinemas on FEBRUARY 10TH – that’s tomorrow!

Not only do fans of the comic seem excited due to the accuracy of the costume and Ryan’s promise of staying true to the comic’s character and story (unlike the Wolverine Origins film), but Deadpool also has a lot of other people eager to see the movie.


Well that’s because of the film’s clever, and most likely very costly, advertising and marketing.

Never has a film utilised social media so much in order to boost the awareness of the film AND amp up the excitement to see it.

And as a big fan of social media, Deadpool has got me pumped.

So just what have they done to get people talking?

The real question would be what HAVEN’T they done. The guys working on Deadpool seem to have no filter, but that’s what makes their advertisements, tweet, interviews and Facebook posts so great.

From printing giant billboards with emojis to symbol the name of the movie, shooting a video with Wayne Rooney, ripping into the Wolverine Origins movie, taking over and controlling the Total Film magazine’s editorial, posting videos to raise awareness of prostate cancer (not only are they clever but they’re also using their power for good!), tricking guys’ girlfriends into thinking their movie is the perfect rom com for Valentine’s Day, and posting relevant, funny and damn right hilarious content whenever and wherever – I’ve fallen in love with Deadpool before I’ve even seen it.

Oh and the trailer looks pretty good too.


Deadpool looks to be that cocky, sarcastic superhero that we’re all gonna want to know.

Don’t get what all the hype is about? May I suggest you follow Deadpool on the following sites:

Twitter: @deadpoolmovie

Snapchat: deadpoolmovie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeadpoolMovie/

Instagram: @deadpoolmovie

So… Who’s got their tickets?

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