Let’s introduce ourselves…

Hey readers and happy 2016!

I was about to get back into the flow of writing my usual film/music reviews but I found myself hesitating, and THEN came my light bulb moment…

Before I got back into the flow of my regular posts I thought it might be fun to start the new year by telling you a few little facts about myself so that we can start the year off on the right foot!

(It would also be great if in the comments you could give me a little introduction to your lovely self and your blog)

To make it a little more interesting I’m going to write 5 little facts that you might not know about me and open the post up at the end with any questions you might want to ask 🙂 So, here we go…

  1. I’m a flitter.

I vividly remember a high school friend telling me that I was a ‘plant potter’ and having to ask “What does that even mean?” Apparently it’s when a plant (or person in this case) constantly jumps from one plant pot to another. She made the comment because unlike most people in my school I would jump from one group of friends to another, constantly moving around, never sticking to one group of people.

It was the same with the subjects I was studying – I finished school with A’s in Art, History and English Literature but decided in college I’d study Media Studies, English Language, Film Studies, and English Literature. Then, finishing college with A’s in Media Studies and Film Studies I decided to study both at University, only to graduate and decide that I wanted to have a career in Marketing. So yeah, I’d say I’m a definite flitter or ‘plant potter’ – but a proud one fo’ sho’.

2. I stay away from the doctors.

Now if something is seriously wrong with me I’ll definitely be in there, but when battling a cold or a cough I avoid doctors, medicines and tablets. I like to think my body can beat any little illnesses on its own. Sleep for me is my favourite medicine 🙂

I think it’s because as a kid I was in and out of hospitals/doctors a lot with my hearing (I was constantly going in for tests and had an operation to insert gromits in my ears –  one of which eventually fell out and lay nicely on my pillow one morning), my spine (I have acute scoliosis), and having tests for major chest pains only to be told they were ‘growing pains’ (thanks for the blood tests and ECGs though). I also had an operation as a baby as I was born with a cleft palate, which is probably where all the problems stem from haha. Add the fact that I also don’t like needles or ‘that hospital smell’ and I practically need to lie down when I’m in a hospital, even if I’m not the patient.

3. I was a radio DJ at University and was nominated for an award in California.

Remember my flitter confession up there ^? Well, not only was I writing magazine articles, drawing storyboards, analysing my readings, writing essays and filming short videos and advertising campaigns for my degree I thought – hey why not add another thing to the mix?

I was in my first semester in my second year at University when I was drifting off to sleep when I just thought “You know what would be really cool? Having my own radio show.”

The next day I nervously asked a friend that I had in mind to be my co-host (crossing my fingers and toes because he was the only one I knew who tolerated my love of hip hop, loved music AND was easy to bounce conversation off). Thankfully he said yes, and fast forward 7 months on air we got our ‘Best Music Show’ nomination in California, USA!

Did we win?? Sadly, no – but we did get a t shirt, a certificate and gained more listeners from countries like Venezuela and South Africa so all was not lost.

4. The last time I went abroad was 10 years ago.

On my list of things to do for a reaaally long time now is to renew my passport and go to Paris with my sister. I have sworn to her that I’m going to renew it this month so watch this space!!

I’ve been to France before with my high school (I studied French until I dropped it in Year 9 to study Art and History – much to the dismay of my French teacher) but the last time I was out of the UK was when I was 13 years old in Nerja, Spain. It was one of the prettiest places I’ve been – especially during the night time – and it was there that I tried Paella for the first time (it was so good). We also had Lays crisps while we were there and for years my sister and I were like ‘Why can’t we find Lays crisps in the UK, they were sooo tasty!” only to find out that Lays is called Walkers in the UK and we have them often. I can’t even.

5. Growing up I was so sure I was going to be famous.

Like ridiculously sure. I just didn’t know how it would happen, so I tried lots of things.

I tried my hand at being a singer, performing in talent shows at school and being recorded on the camcorder while me and my sister sang at home (those VHS tapes haunt me now), imagining that one day they’d be shown on one of those biography shows that shares how celebrities started in life (ha).

Then I tried my hand at dancing – from square dancing to the cha cha every Thursday after school I’d be at dancing classes. It got to the point where my mum actually bought me the most sparkly prettiest professional dance shoes – which were only worn for one test and then never worn again (I got a trophy though so it’s all good).

And perhaps the worst one was modelling, mainly because the pictures will stand the test of time. Whether it was hair modelling or the being-in-a-catalogue, wearing-a-witch-costume modelling – I’d done it and the images are suppressed from my mind and forever hidden out of view – except for those rare moments when my parents want to embarrass me.

But I think I reached an age where I thought “well fame for me is probably not going to happen, and if it does it’ll probably be me doing something dumb that gets caught on camera and accidentally goes viral” – so there’s still hope yet folks!

So there you have it – those are 5 weird facts about me.

Now, let me hear a little bit about you!

Where are you from? Why did you start your blog? What do you write about? And feel free to add some weird facts about yourself… 😉

By the way, I’m thinking of starting a blog challenge – does anyone know any good ones?





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