My Christmas Gift to You

It’s that time of year where it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a store, in your car or just watching TV – you’re going to hear a Christmas song.

It’s usually the same familiar faces and voices – Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney and Wham!

But what if you’re tired of hearing the same radio-friendly Christmas songs? What if you want to kick it up a gear and party the only way you know how – with songs made for turn ups and lit Christmases (I’m not talking about the lights on your tree here).

Well, I might have something in store for you good people.


I was listening to my ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify, which has become my new favourite tool this year. Spotify knows me so well and it always dishes me some new treats that I’d never have found otherwise.

Anyway, it was while listening to Discover Weekly that Spotify handed me Azealia Banks’ Ice Princess taken from her album Broke With Expensive Taste. I got to thinking “This is actually quite fitting for Christmas” which was then followed by “Hey maybe I should make a list of songs just like this for Christmas”.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

Featuring tracks like Kanye’s “Christmas in Harlem” with his G.O.O.D. music artists Teyana Taylor, Big Sean and Cyhi the Prince to name a few, Justin Bieber’s “Drummer Boy” featuring Busta Rhymes, Lady Gaga’s “Christmas Tree”, and “True Love” from Ariana Grande’s latest gift for her fans ‘Christmas & Chill’ – well I added them all and more to this playlist and I hope you like it.

Consider it my Christmas gift to you (try not to take it too seriously tho, especially as it nears its end).

If you like it, keep it ready for this year and next by opening it in your Spotify and clicking ‘Follow’ 🙂

Have a lit Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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