And the Video Vanguard Award goes to…

It’s undeniable – Kanye West is a cultural icon.

Whether you love him or hate him, Kanye has made his mark. Whether it’s designing Yeezy’s, running fashion shows, producing tracks, performing or writing music, Ye’s impressive skillset means he can turn his hand to anything. He may have caused a stir at Glastonbury this year when he yelled on stage “I’m the greatest living rock star on the planet!!!”, but you have to admit… he does have a point.

Like most rock stars, Kanye rubs some people off the wrong way, is passionate about his music and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards show on Sunday, Kanye will be rewarded for his hard work with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, a very special Moonman that has also been given to musicians Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake for their contributions to the cultural landscape.

With every music video and song released, Kanye continues to keep people talking as he raises the bar with each creation.

A personal favourite of mine will always be the full length film Runaway, which contains music from arguably one of his best albums to date My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The 34 minutes and 31 seconds include exceptional cinematography, amazing costumes, beautiful camera movements and an innovative story. If you’ve ever doubted the creativity of Yeezus, I suggest you watch it.

Another 3 great examples of Kanye’s creative skills are his music videos for PowerHeartless, and All Falls Down. No matter how many times you’ve seen his videos, they still have the ability to look fresh because of Ye’s innovative ideas.

Masterpiece after masterpiece, Kanye delivers nothing less than pure artistry with every one of his releases. We all know how high Kanye sets his standards, and it’s because of this that he stops at nothing to create anything less than exceptional music and videos which ensure his place as an icon.

With so many creative ideas that we’ve seen and the promise of much more, we really should feel thankful for Ye’s contribution to culture. After all, each video and song that we get is a real treat.

I personally cannot wait to see what Kanye has in store for us at the awards show this Sunday particularly as each year the recipient of the Vanguard Award performs, and I’m looking forward to hearing the speech that he has undoubtedly got planned.

With added performances from The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams and A$AP Rocky, and hosted by Miley Cyrus, this night will definitely be one to keep free.

In celebration of Kanye’s recent award, MTV have posted their own Kanye quiz. If you’ve ever wondered “Which VMA Kanye West Am I?”, find out here:


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