All Hail The Queen of Instagram

Queen Bey conquers no more…

Kim Kardashian has officially taken over Beyonce’s reign as the most followed person on Instagram.

Beyonce’s Instagram pictures and filters were no match for Kim’s. Uploading a selfie here, a selfie there, and a selfie everywhere, Kim K now has 44 million followers. That’s almost double the amount of people that live in Australia…

Known as an avid selfie-er (is that a word..?), posting pics of the Kardashian clan and adorable pictures of her daughter North West hanging with cousin Penelope Disick are just a couple favourites of Kim’s Instagram content. So if you want to up your Instagram game, take some inspiration from the 7 following iconic insta’s… #nofilter #thereprobablyisafilter

Kim posted this snap of the 3 mermaids, 2 of which happen to be North and Penelope. Every girl’s dream is to be a mermaid so it’s no wonder this post is close to reaching 2 million likes.

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Little mermaids 🔱🐚

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That time Kim kidnapped Kanye to surprise him for his birthday… Who else would Kanye trust to blindfold him? Probably himself.

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Always one to post pics of Kanye in concert, Kim is the groupie wife every rapper wants.

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#LastNight #AustralianRun

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Not only does Kim socialise with the best in the game, she also wears the best in the game. Uploading pictures in clothes women only dream about wearing, Kim knows how to make us jealous.

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With my idol @jlo 📷 by Kanye

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Kim always has plenty of selfies at hand, especially when she was promoting her book Selfish which – you guessed it – contains pages and pages of her selfies (just in case you don’t feel like scrolling through her Instagram page).

The Wests in Vogue also made it to the ‘gram.

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#Vogue #❤️MyFamily

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And last but not least, the picture that was at one point the most liked picture on Instagram (until she was pipped to the post by younger sister Kendall Jenner)…

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With an active account since 2012 and over 3,000 posts, we can only wonder what Kim will do with her new-found power. Maybe she’ll share political news (she did recently post a selfie with Hilary Clinton after all), continue to raise awareness for foundations such as Make A Wish, or maybe she’ll upload another #goodlighting pic. But either way, with millions of people following her you’ve got to admire how she does it.

With every picture carefully filtered and uploaded, Kim’s popularity and brand awareness grows. So maybe the next time you’re wondering whether or not you should upload that selfie, try to think of it as marketing for your brand (yourself) – it can only be a good thing. (Seriously, spread the selfie love, people).

Some other Instagram accounts you might want to check out:

A$AP Rocky (@asvpxrocky) – Some serious thought goes into Flacko’s account. Uploading three images at a time means that he can keep his layout intact and his profile looking fresh.

Blackjaguarwhitetiger (@blackjaguarwhitetiger) – For animal lovers, this is one to follow. Ran by the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, their pictures and videos show tigers and lions (and dogs) all living in harmony. If that’s not something you want to see on your news feed, I don’t know what is.

Tyler The Creator (@feliciathegoat) – For when the normal gets too boring, take a look at Tyler’s account. Posting everything from his crazy gigs and scabby injuries (not even a filter can make that pretty), you can never estimate what Tyler is going to post next. Makes for interesting scrolling when you’re with other people too.

Joel Strong (@mydaywithleo) – If you want to see pictures of celebs faces cut out and cleverly held over other people’s faces in the streets of America, this one’s your best bet.

Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) – With some serious game in his posts, Drake’s dad’s Instagram makes you wonder: Is Drake the 6 God, or is it his dad? Makes you wish your own dad was as cool and smooth as Dennis G.

Fun little fact: If you ever write a post/article about Kim’s Instagram and think that it would be a great idea to include Kim Kardashian’s first ever Instagram post… it’s going to take some work trying to find it without scrolling through her 3000+ posts. Trust me… I would know.

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My first instagram pic… Kisses for instagram!

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