New Year, New You?: Just Why New Year Resolutions Are A Little Bit Pointless

So another year has gone by. For many the New Year approaching is a time for reflection. What were your best moments of 2014? What mistakes have you made this year? Are there things that you wish you could change? Answering these types of questions usually helps us to form a New Years Resolution. But I’m going to say just why NYR’s aren’t the answer to creating your better self.

Maybe you think you have a bad habit: drinking, smoking, eating too much chocolate? Maybe you want to change things about your attitude: are you too trusting of people, or not trusting enough? Are you too shy? Do you want to be more of an optimist, more adventurous, more giving? Do you want to try new things, travel to new places or tick off something from your ‘bucket list’?

I’m a believer that self reflection is great for the bettering of ourselves. If we take the time to reflect on things that have affected us, or remind ourselves of the person that we would like to be even for a short amount of time, we give ourselves the solutions and thoughts to develop our beliefs, attitudes, experiences and way of life for the better.

As a Scorpio (I’m also really interested in star signs), I tend to do what most other Scorpios do. And that’s what I think I’ll call “The Phoenix Effect”. Scorpios are known for their transformations in their life. We rise from the ashes of past failures and mistakes, and transform into a new, colourful and confident Phoenix. For us, New Years isn’t the only time we think of transforming our lives. As we are driven star signs, forming plans and making choices to better ourselves comes to us regularly in our lives.

But enough about star signs. New Years resolutions are great for those who need a little reminder to reflect on their past year, and make some tough or lighthearted decisions on what they need to do to be the person that they would like to be next year. But life has that magic way of throwing unexpected things at us, so remember: self reflection throughout the year, not just New Years Eve/Day, is a sure way for you to develop and become the better man/woman than you were yesterday.

Now I’m not saying it should be a daily thing, but if you ever have a moment of “I wish I’d done this differently” or “why did I do this?”, try to make a conscious decision that will change your life for the better (obviously, I mean you won’t want to make a decision that will destroy your life but still, be sure it’s a choice that will benefit you the most).

Sometimes this can mean making hard decisions: spending the money you’d saved for a long time to go on that trip you’ve always said you would go on, throwing some things away that you’ve kept for a long time but are basically hoarding, cutting out the people in your life that only bring negative things with them, or moving on to the next big step (moving house, starting or ending a relationship, starting a new job/promotion, or taking yourself out of your comfort zone in any way).

New Years Resolutions are hard to keep (especially for me who usually forgets what last minute resolution I thought up on New Years Eve at 5 minutes to midnight), but constant evaluations of your life make it easier for you to keep a track of what you’d like your next step in life to be.

Happy New Year and good luck with every decision that you make to blossom into your better self.

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