The Importance of Sticking To A Blog Theme

When you have a blog that is specifically about certain topics, it can be hard to stop yourself from writing posts on every thought that pops into your head.

Here on Discs and Reels, I like to write about films that I’ve seen, newly released trailers, and songs that I’ve heard on the radio or recently discovered online. I started this blog so that I could write about things that I love: movies and music.

As a film graduate, my passion for film has grown and developed since taking Film Studies at A Level. My love of sharing music came from being the one that my family turned to to create a playlist for our get-togethers and having two radio shows at my university radio station.

But these aren’t the only passions of mine. I also love to read, and I have strong opinions on things that affect me as a graduate living back at home and looking for work. I love watching television shows that remind me of being a kid but are witty and imaginative like Adventure Time and Regular Show. I spend time creating nail art designs on my nails, and love the feeling of buying new clothes and jewellery. I love using social media to interact with people that I might not have known if it wasn’t for Twitter. I love trying new foods, playing on Assassins Creed, or detective games like LA Noire, or action games like the latest reboot of Lara Croft.

I fit so many categories that I sometimes find it hard to understand what kind of person I am. Am I a bookworm? A film buff? A gamer? A girly fashionista that loves to paint my nails?

Questioning myself has been a pretty common activity while looking for a job. With so many skills and things that I enjoy, what kind of job would I really like? Which would be the best for my first step into my graduate career? What kind of job would get me further in life? It’s almost the same with my blog – which topics will my readers like more? Which posts will get more interaction and interest my followers? Is this post worth writing?

I decided to stop asking myself questions and doubting myself. A career isn’t a set thing and neither should a blog be. You can move from position to position, location to location, and industry to industry in your career. In your blog you should be able to touch on different topics, moving from one subject to another, and write about the different things that interest you without feeling stuck into one theme.

But then the previous questions become replaced with one – if you don’t have a theme, how can your readers know what type of blog you have? How can a reader know what to expect of your posts if you don’t fit into a certain category?

Is your blog entertainment? A lifestyle blog? A fashion blog? A music blog?

I’m stuck on how to expand my blog into posts that are about the books that I’ve read, the latest trip that I’ve been on, or an irrelevant thought that’s popped into my head that has just enough meat on it to flesh out and become a worthy post.

So just how important is a blog that fits into a category? Or is there a way to split a blog into different ‘side topics’ while keeping your main category?

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