First Glimpse Of ‘Insurgent’

Tris is fighting fit in the second film of the Divergent series, Insurgent (release date 20th March 2015). The first teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of what Tris looks like since the first film Divergent, which was released 20th March 2014.

With a new short haircut – taken from the second book of the series written by Veronica Roth – we see female protagonist Tris (Shailene Woodley) jump off buildings, hanging off ropes and running into a burning building to save her mother.


Clearly still holding onto her Abnegation ways (her former faction who are selfless and feed the factionless) thanks to her being a Divergent*, in Insurgent Tris will use her training from the Dauntless compound (the faction of fearless protectors) from the first film and her selfless qualities to continue her fight against the powerful Jeanine (played by Kate Winslet). As we saw in Divergent, Jeanine of Erudite (an intelligent and logical faction) seeks to overthrow the government and render the factions mindless – allowing her to control them for her own power-hungry needs.

The short trailer is very much a teaser trailer, in that the scenes we are shown are obviously not taken from the actual present events of the film as Tris’ mother isn’t alive (sorry if that was a spoiler). I’m guessing that this scene will help to show the grief-stricken and vulnerable thoughts of Tris in the overall film, as she must move on from her parents deaths and lead the war to restore normality and peace.

The setting of crumbling buildings and bleak urban landscapes definitely reflects the conflicts that are still taking place within the five factions: Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Amity and Abnegation. The burning buildings show the destruction of the war taking place, and the losses within the factions. Tris and Four – her boyfriend and former training instructor – must find a way to stop Jeanine, prevent conflicts within and between the factions, gain the trust and help from other factions, bring an end to the destruction and learn the truth behind what is driving Jeanine to control the factions.

There’s no sign of Four (played by Theo James) in the trailer, so we can only wait to be given more sneak peeks of Insurgent before its release next year.

The teaser trailer that we have been given shows that we will definitely be in for an action-packed film with Tris’ strength and understanding of her Divergence growing.

*Divergent = A person that has the ability to belong in more than one faction due to their decisions and traits. They are considered dangerous by many and cannot be controlled by simulations, which suggests that they cannot be controlled full-stop. (You’re better off watching the first film or reading the books if you haven’t already)

  • Are you looking forward to the next Divergent film?
  • Which faction do think you would choose to belong to: the brave Dauntless, the selfless Abnegation, the intelligent Erudite, the truthful Candor, the peaceful Amity?

In other related news, I’m currently halfway through the Insurgent book! I can’t wait to find out more about how Tris’ and Four’s journey will end.

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