Let’s Talk About Boys – Boy Bands, That Is!

Following on from the last post, Girl Bands Now & Then: What Makes Them So Popular?, it would only be fair to give the boys some recognition too!

After finding a box of CDs in my room last week, it was as though I’d come across a time capsule! Filled with albums by the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Steps, and boy-bands like Blue, *N Sync, Boyzone, a1 and 5ive, it was a box straight from my childhood! (Not to mention the fact that I’d also found my Game Boy Colour minutes earlier…)

With big bands in America on MTV broadcasted worldwide, and British boy-bands successfully climbing the charts at home, it wasn’t hard for us to fall in love with boy-bands! With their good looks, personalities, dancing abilities, and singing pop hits for all to enjoy, boy-bands in the 90s-00s evoked the same crazy-fan-antics similar to the screaming girl fans of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 60s.

McBusted have become highly successful after McFly and Busted merged - making the fans of the two very happy!

McBusted have become highly successful after McFly and Busted merged – making the fans of the two very happy!

With boy-bands’ continuing success due to groups like One Direction, McBusted and 5 Seconds of Summer, let’s take a look at some of the biggest pop boy-bands that have been on our TV screens!

5ive – If Ya Gettin’ Down

These guys came to perform at my University (sadly there was only four of them!) and this was the one song I couldn’t wait for them to sing! A success internationally, If Ya Gettin’ Down is catchy, fun and samples ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ by Indeep (a DJ would actually save my life if they played this the next time I was out). 5ive were managed by the same team that managed The Spice Girls before their career took off!

a1 – Same Old Brand New You

You’d not believe my reaction when I put a1’s CD into my laptop and realised that I still remembered every single word from Same Old Brand New You! The guys also made a successful cover of Aha’s Take On Me. Formed in 1998, A1 are an English-Norwegian group that reunited this year for the ITV show The Big Reunion.

112 ft Biggie & Mase – Only You

I came across this song a couple of years ago thanks to Spotify after I was searching through Biggie’s discography. With the boys smooth vocals, P Diddy’s classic hip hop beats and Biggie’s and Mase’s verses, this song satisfies my 90s R&B love.

*N Sync – Pop

DIRTY POP! For some reason I feel like people have forgotten about this *N Sync song, which is a real shame because it was the kind of song that proved that the boys had the potential to last through the ages.

Guns and Roses – November Rain

My all time favourite song by this rock n’ roll band, I loved the video and the orchestra involved. Guns and Roses pulled off the orchestra-rock combo perfectly! And who could forget Slash’s ultimate guitar solo outside the little white chapel in the desert?! Legendary.

Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married (Remix ft. Run DMC)

Jagged Edge and Run DMC joined forces for this great remix of Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married. The band formed in 1997 and their most recent album was released in 2011!

Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games With My Heart

It wouldn’t be a list of boy bands without including the Backstreet Boys. It was so hard to choose just one song to end with – with hits like Everybody, I Want It That Way, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, As Long As You Love MeLarger Than Life and The Call, the Backstreet Boys are the epitome of a successful and popular boy band! The guys are still on tour, performing all of their hits that earned them so many music awards!


What boy bands did you used to listen to and which boy band is your favourite?

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