Jimmy Kimmel reunites the Friends cast on his show!

It’ll be 20 years this September since our beloved show Friends first aired on television!

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Aniston – who played Rachel Green in the famous series – joined host Jimmy to act out a scene of “fan fiction” that he had written especially for Jennifer, with a few hidden surprises for the audience.

Before acting as the character Ross Geller from the show, Jimmy showed Jennifer the kitchen that he had recreated from Monica’s apartment, joking that it had cost him $80,000 to replicate the room “to the T”. Refusing to wear “the Rachel wig”, Jennifer read out lines as Rachel from the script that Jimmy had created, as the two discussed how great Ross is in bed.

“Ross” then asks if they can see their other friends after their love-making, to which the door opens as Courteney Cox walks into “her kitchen”. Joining in the fun, Courteney acts out the lines as her Friends character Monica Geller, only to be joined seconds later by Friend Phoebe Buffay/Lisa Kudrow! Asking where Joey and Chandler are, Ross/Jimmy shares that Marcel the monkey bit them and gave them monkey rabies, killing them both. Poor guys!



It was really something to see all three ladies together again in a replicated version of Monica’s apartment, bowing to the audience as the theme tune “I’ll Be There For You” played and red roses were thrown at their feet! Encore anyone?

Watch the video here:


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