Did you spot the celeb cameos in Haim’s new video for “My Song 5”?

Haim’s three long-haired sisters released their video for My Song 5 in the last week, which they recorded with A$AP Ferg, rapper of the A$AP mob.

The Haim sisters

The music video mimics a talk show in which people take to the stage to voice their problems or confessions on air. One of them includes Timber singer Kesha, who confesses that she’s in love with her cat ‘Mr. Boots’ and Haim member Este reveals that she is attracted to mimes.

Kesha's cameo in the video

Kesha’s cameo in the video

Rapper Big Sean also makes a cameo appearance as an audience member, and experimental singer Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) becomes pals with Haim’s lead singer Danielle in the chat show’s cafeteria. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig also appears in the video as an audience member watching the talk show host, who is played by Saturday Night Live comedian Vanessa Bayer.

Big Sean sits in the audience

Big Sean sits in the audience

Grimes makes friends with Danielle

SNL comedian and the video’s talk show host Vanessa

Vampire Weekend’s leadman Ezra sits in the centre of the audience

Did I miss anyone out?!










The remix of the song, which includes A$AP Ferg is used for the video, creating the mix of the girls’ pop rock style with his rap verse. Although it is an unlikely musical pairing, the song’s heavy bass and drums are the perfect background for Ferg’s rap and consistent “yeah”‘s in the first verse. Haim are also seen appearing to take part in some kind of ritual, as they stand in a circle in a darkened room, putting their hands together as they sing:

“If you want to see me baby please
Been holding on for eternity
Say you only want me
Missing you never led to much of anything

If you wanna know, if you wanna show
How it means, what it seems, seems to be,
Held by a thread, tried to forget
But I’ll never let it go
Honey I’m not your honey pie”

A song about lies and truth, it seemed an ideal match to set the video in a TV chat show filled with confessions and cheaters that parodies shows like The Jerry Springer Show.


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