Beyonce takes the spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards

I apologise for being a little late with this article, but all of us in the UK have only just seen the music event of the summer!

With performances from Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, and Nicki Minaj, it was definitely Beyonce’s Flawless performance that stole the show.


Remember when Beyonce used the 2011 VMAs to announce to the world that she was pregnant with baby Blu Ivy, rubbing her growing baby bump as Jay Z, Kanye and other celebrities and audience members present applauded and jumped around at the sheer delivery of the news?

Yeah, it kinda beat that.

Performing songs from her latest self-titled album that she surprised us with without any clue or forewarning last year, Beyonce treated viewers to a performance that truly sparkled as she shone in a bejewelled leotard (that hopefully had some kind of sweat resistant material after all of the dancing that she did on stage!).


The performance included her killer back-up dancers, stunning images of Bey projected onto the huge screen that was positioned behind the stage, and flashing lights (I have to refrain here from singing the rest of the Drunk In Love verse that follows the words ‘flashing lights’) that made Beyonce and her dancers look surreal as they danced with almost robotic precision, executing moves together in perfect sync with Queen B’s sassy confidence and flawless vocals.

But it wasn’t just the performance that stole the show.

Jay Z and Blu Ivy surprised both the audience and Beyonce when they both stepped on stage after her performance to present her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. Beyonce smiled and wiped away tears as she spoke of her gratitude, saying that she loved her daughter and her “beloved” Jay Z whilst accepting the award. The family then hugged it out before leaving the stage, painting the picture of the perfect showbiz family. Divorce rumours what? Solange elevator what? Psh.


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