Charli XCX gives us a taste of rebellion in new song ‘Break The Rules’:

Fancy (no pun intended) a song that’s different to the pop songs that we hear on the radio? Charli XCX delivers with her latest release Break The Rules from her album Sucker, which will be released October 21st. 

2014 has been a good year for Charli XCX, who had hits with Boom Clap and Fancy, an Iggy Azalea smash song that Charli was featured on and co-wrote. Now she delivers a bass-filled synth song that reeks of rebellion and partying hard.

Break The Rules has a Kasabian-feel to it (almost similar to their single eez-eh) as it has a punch with the chorus but still manages to be sultry and smooth in its verses. 

Charli sings “I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna break the rules” and “getting higher, getting wrecked”. You can almost imagine the music video being filled with shots of fire explosions and cars spinning circles in a car park. 

Take a listen to the song below and prepare to be enlightened by Charli XCX’s “I don’t give an f*@!” attitude.

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