Film Stars and their Perfect Onscreen Siblings:

Imagine you’re a casting agent for a new film that needs two major Hollywood stars to play siblings, and you have the fabulous opportunity of casting whoever you want (regardless of age gaps)! Who would you choose to act side by side?
Below are some examples of film stars who I think would make great brothers and sisters in a movie:

Lisa Kudrow and Christina Applegate:

Imagine these two hilarious actresses as sisters in a movie! With Friends star Lisa and Anchorman‘s ‘Veronica Corningstone’, the laughs would never end…

Leonardo DiCaprio and James Franco:

With both actors and their cheeky smiles delivering consistently amazing performances in their diverse range of films, it would be interesting to see the two work together as brothers! With films like The Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wall Street, 127 Hours and Oz the Great and Powerful, they’ve proved that they are both fantastic actors and to see them in the same film would be great!

Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman:

Both British, both blue-eyed and thin-lipped, and both making it big on the big screen in America, Tom’s character Loki of Thor and Martin’s portrayal of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit franchise would mean that the two could join forces in a fantasy-action movie, or  – even better – show sibling rivalry with one being good and one being evil. Or they could be brothers in a British drama, showing their excellent roots of British acting!
Uma Thurman and Jennifer Lawrence:
I get the feeling that these two would really hit it off as onscreen sisters. Either that, or they’d kick each other’s butts. The Kill Bill star and heroine of The Hunger Games would be two sisters not to mess with.
Eva Green and Zooey Deschanel:
Now we’re used to Bond girl Eva Green playing sultry roles whilst New Girl Zooey is well known for her contributions to comedy films and TV. Put the two together as sisters and who knows: Eva could show us her funny side or Zooey could show us her Bond girl potential…?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Chloë Moretz:


I know, I know. I’ve already raved about DiCaprio’s incredible acting abilities but I would love to see Chloe Moretz act as his younger sister. Just imagine sweet, sensitive Jack in Titanic dealing with a sister full of attitude and epic fighting skills as seen in Kick-Ass
Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez:
These beautiful ladies could be sassy, confident sisters capable of breaking so many hearts with their independence. Or maybe they’d be suckers for romance competitively chasing the same guy who wouldn’t know what to do with himself…! 
Colin Firth and Hugh Grant:
I know they look nothing like each other, but c’mon? Just for laughs? It would be so interesting to see after their brawling in Bridget Jones. Would you rather see them as brothers that got on with each other or brothers that fought with each other?
Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock:
Now that you’ve seen into my strange ways of thinking, who would you like to see play brother and sister in a movie? Leave a comment below!


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