New release in music: Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj pull together for number one single

Bang bang! – look out, three of the biggest female names in popular music have joined forces!



If you follow the three ladies (Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj) on Instagram you’ll have noticed the images and snippets that the girls have been posting in the lead up to the trio’s new single ‘Bang Bang’.
Now before I sat down to listen to the song, I set up a blank document to jot down any thoughts I had whilst listening to it. Here’s what was written:


*Pauses ARTPOP and loads YouTube video of official song ‘Bang Bang’*

  • Jazzy. Very jazzy.
  • I like the clapping. I want to clap tooooo!
  • I KNEW Ariana and Jessie would sound amazing. I KNEW IT. AND WHERE IS THE GOSPEL CHOIR COMING FROM?!
  • I wish I could sing like Ariana…
  • Why did I just imagine the cast of High School Musical singing this in the cafeteria though.
  • Nicki just came in saying so many words… I think I made out the word ‘slanging’ out of all that. Wait she is spelling, what is she spelling… *moment of thought* oh yeah Bang Bang duh #facepalm
  • Oh…wait, what, it’s over?
Then I took a few minutes for the song to sink in and found that the chorus ‘Bang bang doo doo doo dooo’ (I can only remember two words of the chorus) was stuck in my head as I was thinking about what I thought of it.
Image taken from @NickiMinaj on Instagram
Now this song is Number 1 in 16 countries around the world (as discovered on Nicki Minaj’s instagram), the song is catchy and probably sounds better after the fifth listen. But my first thoughts are the reasoning behind why it’s number one.
Think about just how many fans each female artist in this song has. It’s undeniable that their loyal fans will purchase the song to support their favourite singer. But listening to the song I didn’t feel that it was a Jessie J song, or a Nicki Minaj song, but it definitely had an Ariana Grande feel to it. And after Ariana’s recent successes with Iggy Azalea with ‘Problem’, it’s not hard to wonder why they would choose Ariana’s style. It’s different to most music being released at the moment and harks back to a time where Jazz and ballads where popular, and auto-tune wasn’t really invented yet. Ariana herself is probably a happy chick after seeing that Bang Bang, Problem and Break Free (a song she made with Zedd) are in the Top 15 on iTunes in America.
Bang Bang is fun and will definitely have people singing along to the chorus as the gospel sings ‘Baanng Baaaanngg’ while they’re swaying along to the song. And it has the formula of pop-song-then-throw-in-a-verse-of-rap-to-open-up-to-more-listeners, and I always find that a rap in a song helps to change up the pace and feel of the song, which sometimes helps to prevent the song from sounding too repetitious and boring. As do trumpets (at least in my opinion).
Reaching number one in many countries, it’s great to see three women topping the charts. Yet although the song has potential, you have to think: if someone else were to sing it, would it still have the same feel to it, the same success? Or would it just be seen as another radio-friendly song that keeps people happy for a few days? I guess only time will tell…
What did you think of the song? Are you a fan? If you agree or disagree with this post, feel free to post a constructive comment below!

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