The latest exciting trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Prepare yourself for the return to the city of sin:

After analysing the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and seemingly a little unsure as to whether or not I should put myself through the film’s release, it was great to finally watch a trailer that built up my excitement with each shot! Of course, I’m talking about the new 3 minute 23 second red band trailer of the second Sin City film – Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
As I’m a fan of action, Noir and all films that cleverly execute special effects that take you to a whole new dimension, A Dame To Kill For definitely looks like a film to watch. Starring Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and new additions Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and even Lady Gaga (who must have enjoyed her time shooting – equipped with a golden gun of course – with director Robert Rodriguez in his film Machete Kills), the trailer gives us not a snippet, but almost a starter course to get us prepared for the main meal! 

Directors Frank Miller and Rodriguez will clearly be giving us another stunning film filled with violence, women and more violence. What I like about the Sin City films is that the women are also capable of kicking butt themselves, even if they are watched by men who call them ‘dames to kill for’ (which is still a compliment right?). The emphasis is definitely on the ladies, even if we do see the male characters that are also in the film.
Watching the trailer over and over, you notice the little tricks that make the film look like something from a video game; it’s introductory shots that are something from a comic book page that fade to black and white camera shots, shots like at 00:39 where we see a character overlayed with police cars and the shots of the same character running, and of course its infamous emphasis on particular colours (red lips and blood, pink clothes, blonde hair or green eyes).

Lady Gaga’s cameo in the film

Filled with a killer cast (no pun intended…), stellar effects and released August 22nd, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is one to add to your diaries.

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