The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is here: will it be one to watch or one to steer clear of?

50 Shades of Uncertainty 

So as you’ve probably noticed from every ad that pops up when you watch a YouTube video, or when you log into Facebook and see it on your news feed (even being shared by Beyonce’s Facebook page), we finally have been given a taste of just what to expect with the film Fifty Shades of Grey

♡ Watch the trailer to the film below or here

After what seems like centuries of stories surrounding the casting and who would be playing Mr Grey and Anastasia Steele, the release of the trailer has allowed us to see just what the film is going to look like with actress Dakota Johnson and actor Jamie Dornan. 

Articles around the internet were comparing the storyline – taken from E.L. James’ surprisingly popular book of the same name – to Secretary, a 2002 film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader (whose character also just so happens to be a Mr Grey). If you’d like to take a look at the similarities yourself, check out the video from Hollywood Reporter’s website that puts the trailers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Secretary next to each other to highlight the striking resemblance between their set-ups:

If you were analysing the trailer frame-by-frame, or you happen to be in the know with everything surrounding this film, or (like me) you happened to read the ‘About’ section underneath the trailer on YouTube, you’ll find the words ‘Rita Ora as Mia’ in the paragraph listing those involved in the film. You’ll spot her on the right in a short, brunette wig at the table:

Now, having never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books and never seeing the film Secretary, I can’t help but think that it’s inclusion of Rita Ora and Beyonce’s place on its soundtrack (with a new version of ‘Crazy in Love’ for you to enjoy in the trailer) is to sway the minds of those that think that the film might not be for the masses (Cosmopolitan recently posted what men think when watching the trailer here). Perhaps it’s also the fact that I’ve not been totally sucked into reading the books and my unawareness of how the story actually turns out, but I can’t help but watch the trailer thinking that the whole film has a horror-esque, Hostel-type feel to it. Particularly when Christian Grey unlocks the door to his room of secrets that reveal his ‘singular tastes’ and we see Anastasia blindfolded and tied up. 

Now I tend to go to the cinema without watching the trailers for the films that I’m about to see (bad idea when it came to Fault in Our Stars – the only warning I was given was by my friends telling me that it was a film that makes you cry, I had to hold in the tears which made me look like I had a heart of stone). I like to let the film just present itself as it is – with a trailer so much is cut out and pieced together that you could almost make an entirely different feel to the film, which can give you false expectations. So maybe watching the trailer before seeing Fifty Shades of Grey was a bad choice, and maybe I shouldn’t judge a film by its trailer in this case. But as this is another phenomenon (although I’m still not sure why, should I read one of the books?), I couldn’t help but to watch the trailer as did 15 million other people judging by its YouTube views. I realise that I have treated the trailer negatively, however, I will say that as a film student and avid cinema-visitor I think that I will be grateful that this film will hopefully create a burst of movie-goers and give the film industry a well-deserved boost.

I just know that someone that I know will want to see this and I’ll be taken along for the ride, but until then I think I’ll stay out of this phenomenon for now…

What did you think of the film trailer? Are you excited or dreading the new addition to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon? Comment below and share your views.

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