The Weeknd, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake in new music releases

Newly released songs and videos to check out:

The Weeknd – Belong To The World

Abel Tesfaye has released a video to his new single Belong To The World! It’s been a year since the release of his album Trilogy, an album that helped to further spread Abel’s popularity and grow his fan base since the release of his 3 mixtapes. The song comes from The Weeknd’s new album Kiss Land, which will be released this summer on August 27th.

Belong To The World emanates The Weeknd’s style which consists of echoes of Abel’s slow and soft voice mixed to a beat that when heard creates a dream-like experience. The song, as like much of The Weeknd’s work, is centred on love but also has the ability to create a dark, saddening element to it, with lyrics such as ‘I’m not a fool I just love that you’re dead inside, I’m not a fool, I’m just lifeless too’. With the song being the first to be released and heard from the new album Kiss Land it gives us new music from Abel to treat our ears to, and keeps the excited fan base of The Weeknd wondering what will be next…

 The video was released on July 16, 2013. You can hear the song and watch Abel in the video directed by Anthony Mandler by clicking here.

Jay Z – Holy Grail ft Justin Timberlake

After the release of Kanye West’s eagerly awaited album Yeezus and the release of HOVA’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, it felt like the two biggest names in hip hop were out to show the world how it should be done. With Yeezus’ fresh and innovative beats, Jay Z had a lot to follow on the release of M.C.H.G. Released on July 4th, just over two weeks since Ye’s album release, Magna Carta… opens with the song Holy Grail. Featuring Justin Timberlake, the song is arguably the best song on the album and will most likely get the most airplay on the radio, with JT being the highlight of the song with his verse’s and chorus. Jay Z makes reference to Mike Tyson, Kurt Cobain (and adding the lines ‘And we all just entertainers, And we’re stupid and contagious, And we all just entertainers’ from the popular Nirvana song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’) and Michael Jackson. Magna Carta Holy Grail is definitely an album to buy to join your collection of albums that top the rest. But with this being Jay Z’s sixteenth studio album, it does make you wonder if he will ever run out of things to rap about. But then you have to remind yourself that Jay Z has been in the game since 1986, and won’t be going anywhere for a very long time (hopefully).

 The album was released on July 4, 2013 for those on Samsung phones. For those without, the album could be heard from July 8, 2013. You can hear the album on Spotify and or watch a video uploaded for ‘Holy Grail’ here.
What do you think about The Weeknd’s new song? Who’s album is better – Jay Z’s or Kanye’s? Leave a comment below.

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