Tinie Tempah, 2 Chainz, Mario and Nicki Minaj in new music releases

Newly released songs and videos to check out:

Tinie Tempah – Trampoline ft. 2 Chainz

The English rapper is back with a new song called ‘Trampoline’ and it’s definitely one to jump around to. Featuring the American rapper 2 Chainz, the song is definitely one that is aiming to be heard worldwide. With lyrics such as ‘Sydney, what’s going down. New York, what’s going down. LA, what’s going down. Vegas, what’s going down…, it is clear to see that Tinie wants people all over the world to be dancing to this track. 

With hits like ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Written in the Stars’ it has been 3 years since his first major album ‘Disc-overy’ was released. ‘Trampoline’ doesn’t disappoint, and Tempah’s catchy lyrics, which made him the star that he is today, are heard with the hook repeating ‘Shake‘ and ‘Jump‘. And his cheeky style is evident with ‘I’m high end, you’re high street‘. 2 Chainz enters the song with his usual announcement ‘2 Chaaainz‘ and begins his verse with ‘First of all I’m swagging‘. Produced by Diplo, this beat is definitely one that you’ll be hearing in the club.
 The lyric video was released on July 2, 2013. You can hear the song for yourself and watch Tinie jumping on a trampoline in the slick black and white video by clicking here.

Mario – Somebody Else ft. Nicki Minaj

It’s been a while since we have had an album from Mario, but his new album ‘Restoration’ will be released in September of this year. To give us a taste of his sound, he released the video to ‘Somebody Else’ which features Nicki Minaj. The first we see of Mario is when he is lying on the top of a smashed car, and Nicki is introduced to us on the balcony of a building with lightning flashing in the background. Put two and two together, and it seems Nicki and Mario have had a huge bust-up and she pushed him from the balcony to land on the car, all because she met Somebody Else. 
Nicki plays the girlfriend of Mario and her verse lets him know just how angry she is with him for the way he has treated her in the video. Spitting lines like ‘But I let you get mad disrespectful, huh. You couldn’t be serious, was you? Looking at my new man, wish it was you? But you’re dead now‘, it’s clear to see Nicki is one unhappy girl. 
With Mario’s smooth vocals and Nicki’s hard-hitting verse, this song leaves you waiting for the album’s release: especially when you remember that the next song to be released will feature J. Cole.
♡ The video was released on July, 9 2013. You can watch the video here.

What do you think of the songs? Are there any newly released songs that you think top these? Leave a comment below.

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