A trip to the cinema: Despicable Me 2

So yesterday I went to the cinema with a couple of friends to see Despicable Me 2. As a twenty-year-old university student sitting in the back of the cinema, I could see parents dotted around the seats with their children and began to wonder whether they would think it questionable for girls our age to be watching a film whose main audience appeared to be small children.
Fast forward past the trailers and adverts to the beginning of the film and all worries melt away as you become enthralled into the world of imagination and fun that makes most of us who are past our teens feel like we have a part of our childhood back, which is what most of us wish for.

It was evident in the first film, Despicable Me, that the minions were the characters that added those extra laughs and that extra something special. I found myself at some points watching the minion in the background of the scene to see what mischief they were getting up to rather than what was happening at the foreground! It’s no wonder they’re having their own film, Minions, in 2014. I think what is so likeable about the yellow minions is that they are fun-loving! There are plenty of scenes in this film that have you giggling as the minions party and dance, and how they are portrayed as a large group of friends that are just out to have fun. There are a couple of scenes in the film towards the ending (which involves them singing) that remind you of drunken karaoke sessions that you might have had with your friends, or just the fact that you would only allow your closest friends to see you do the most random things (and that’s what makes it more fun right?). With their language consisting of sounds like ‘beebobeebo’ and ‘ekko!’, it wasn’t long before the kids in the cinema could be heard mimicking the sounds that they were making, which I think pretty much proves the minions popularity as a whole.

As for the children in the film (Agnes, Edith and Margo) you can’t help but feel your heart warm by the character of the small and adorable Agnes. With lines that make your heart melt (she heads off to sleep and reveals to Gru “Your bald head!…Sometimes I stare at it and imagine a little chick popping out. Peep, peep, peep!”), she is another character that adds to the film’s surprising amount of sweetness. This is a film involving villains and plots to take over the world, yet it still manages to tackle the topics of love and first dates, and a motherless child wanting a mother. And it does all of this with giggles, heart-warming moments and those mischievous minions!

The plot to the film is very easy to follow but it’s not the plot entirely that makes this film. It’s the characters in it and the way in which the writers have made them so special; such as the minions, Agnes, Agent Lucy (voiced by the hilarious Kristen Wiig), and even your average chicken out for revenge (trust me you’ll understand when you see it).

All in all I found myself giggling lots and wishing that I was one of those kids that were staring up at the large cinema screen, watching without a care in the world, that could leave the cinema without having to deal with ‘grown-up’ responsibilities. But whilst leaving the cinema to the outside world and the problems it brings, I was still able to watch the credits roll up and suddenly outburst ‘I want a minion!’

-Definitely a film to watch that will lift your spirits. Family friendly and with lots of giggles! –

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